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Sesquicentennial 1968

PH12.891 Sesq Pamphlet inside.jpg
Sesquicentennial pamphlet

Sesquicentennial 1968
Bumper Sticker

PH12.902 Sesq Bumper Sticker.jpg
Sesquicentennial bumper sticker

Sesquicentennial 1968
John Hector French

PH12.67 Sesq French, John Hector.jpg
Handwritten on back: John Hector French

Sesquicentennial 1968
Dub Greenhaw

PH12.31 Sesq Greenhaw, Dub.jpg
Handwritten on back: Dub Greenhaw, 1968

Sesquicentennial 1968
Unknown Man and Boy in front of the Athens-Limestone Sesq. HQ

PH12.24G Sesq man & boy, sesq hq.jpg
Unknown man and boy in front of the sesquicentennial headquarters, wagon

Sesquicentennial 1968
Unknown Woman

PH12.24F Sesq woman.jpg
Unknown woman in period dress

Sesquicentennial 1968
Unknown Boy

PH12.24E Sesq boy.jpg
Unknown boy leaning against car

Sesquicentennial 1968
Unknown Men

PH12.24D Sesq two men.jpg
Two unknown men standing in front of storefronts

Sesquicentennial 1968
Unknown Group Near David Lee's Store and Gilbert Drug Co.

PH12.24B Sesq group.jpg
Unknown group near David Lee's store and Gilbert Drug Co.