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  • Collection: Malvina Hammerly Moore Collection

Transfer of Title

2015.011.140 A.jpg

Transfer of Title

Personal Record of Malvina A. Moore

2015.011.139 A.jpg

Personal Record/Letter

John Tanner

2015.011.319 John Tanner.jpg
A small, gold, metal broach with a photograph of John Tanner.
2 inches b 1.6 inches

John Tanner

2015.011.314 John Tanner.jpg
A small, gold, metal broach (with clasp missing) with an image of John Tanner.
1.3 inches by 2 inches.

Unknown Man

2015.011.312 Unknown Man.jpg
A small, gold, metal broach with an image of an unknown man.
1.75 inches by 1.2 inches

Robert Ragsdale
(His wife Mary Wooten is also said to be on the tin).

2015.011.128 Robert Ragsdale.jpg
A badly faded image of Robert Ragsdale.
The photo is framed with a gold metal.

An image of Sophronia Ragsdale (who married William Pressley Tanner).

2015.011.127 Sophronia Ragsdale.jpg
An image of Soprhonia Ragsdale enclosed in a broken black hinged case. The image is in a gold metal frame with a faded purple velvet decorating the facing cover.