Athens-Limestone Sesquicentennial 1968

Photos and artifacts from the 1968 Athens Sesquicentennial celebration, including the Official Sesquicentennial Historical Booklet.

The sesquicentennial marks 150 years since the establishment of Athens, AL in Limestone County. Athens was established in 1818, one year before the state of Alabama was admitted into the Union.

In 1800, John Craig was the first white man to try and settle in Athens, but did not stay long due to Indian intimidation. He may have come back later to show Thomas Stith Malone where he camped, but did not settle.

Eight years later, Samuel Robertson successfully settled in Athens, establishing the first tavern before being forced out in 1810 by Col. R. J. Meigs due to Indian protection.

Athens was officially established as a town on November 19, 1818, after John Coffee, Robert Beaty, John D. Carroll, and John Reed bought the land for $60/acre.

The Bicentennial is coming up in 2018.